Do you like knitting and do you want to save some money? 

Knit it yourself!


We will profide you with all the products to knit your own cardigan.

You can choose your own color. We can send you some colour examples.

Lovely cardigan with cables knitted in pure wool.

It can be knitted in any size and color.


Big bulky cardigan all colour combinations are possible.

I knit them with "Crazy sexy wool" from or "The Wool" from, both super companies that only sell animal friendly wool and highly cares that the wool is manufactured in an environmental friendly way.


Regular 'one size fits all' fits sizes 36-42.

Sizes can be changed to perfect fit, please don't hesitate to ask. The gilet can be knitted in any material, so don't hesitate to ask if you are allergic to wool! 

Knit your own Crazy Sexy Bomber