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Big bulky cardigan all colour combinations are possible.

I knit them with "Crazy sexy wool" from, or "The Wool" from Companies that only sell animal friendly wool and highly cares that the wool is manufactured in an environmental friendly way. 

This is by far the most bulky, most soft full wool one can buy.


Regular 'one size fits all' fits sizes 36-42.

Sizes can be changed to perfect fit, please don't hesitate to ask. The bomber can be knitted in any material, so don't hesitate to ask if you are allergic to wool! 


* Note that big changes could mean we need to buy more wool and spend more time knitting, that might add some to the price as we try to keep the prices down as much as possible allready. We will inform you about this on forehand of course.


* All products are hand made and a 100% customizable, please do not forget to add in the comments in the checkout page your desired color(s) so we can create your unique garnment.

Bomber, super chunky "Crazy Sexy Wool" .

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