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Knitted products

All our products are hand made.
We use natural, cruelty-free and environmental friendly produced materials. All of our wool is 100% museling free, 100% of our suppliers are either Reach or Oekotex certified for their dyes..
Products are 100% customizable to create your unique garnment.

More photo's can be found on instagram: dutchknitwitstudio

About Wiebke

The knitting operasinger

Wiebke's Norma mit Sturm!.JPG

In the early 80-ties I studied embroidery and started my knitting business Knitwit Design. In no time my sweaters were hot and I knitted hundreds of sweaters/cardigans. In the mid 80ties I started to take singing lessons and I graduated in 1992 as an opera singer. All the time I financed my singing education by knitting lots and lots of sweaters. Immediately I was given a contract for the lead part of Carlotta Giudicelli in the Dutch production of Phantom of the Opera and after singing this part appr. 600 times I moved to Germany to make my debut as Aida in Aida. For 20 years I performed all important lead opera roles on the international stages. Although I still knitted for friends the knitting business was sleeping...
Now being an "old diva" I have more time and my old love, knitting, came back into my life. I love working with lovely materials, soft mohair, silk and alpaca, honest cotton and pure wool. I love creating new models and love that my ideas are still and again fashionable.



Kerkbuurt 16, 1156BK Marken

Bedankt voor de inzending!

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